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Colorado Mountain Dogs

(Livestock Guardian Dogs)

About the Breed:

We realized soon after moving to Flower Lion Farm that we would need a livestock guardian dog.
We have a marshy creek that runs through our property that attracts plenty of wildlife, including coyotes. We can hear them loud and clear at night, and they would trot off with our chickens in broad daylight whenever they got a chance. We have also lost a lot of poultry to raccoons. There are also other predators (like hawks, fox, mink, and the rare mountain lion or bear) in our area.  When our neighbors told us that they kept seeing a coyote crouching in the grass and watching our goats in our back pasture, we knew we needed to act. 

Livestock Guardian Dogs are working dogs that have been bred for centuries to guard livestock from predators.  LGDs are specific breeds of dogs that possess the genetics and instincts necessary to guard livestock.  They are raised with and bond with their charges, and have strong instincts to protect their herds and flocks.  They are maternal and nurturing with their livestock, caring and gentle with baby goats and lambs, with little to no prey drive.  They are not “herding dogs,” but are meant to live among the livestock.  LGDs are a “predator-friendly” ranching and farming technique, because their very presence deters predators without any need for lethal measures, and allows livestock to live in harmony within the natural ecosystem.  LGDs protect their livestock by barking, marking their territory, and standing their ground when necessary.  There are various breeds of LGDs all with their own uses and strengths (depending on types of predators, predator load, and guarding style). 

Many LGDs are traditionally wary of people as well- but we knew we wanted a LGD that would be people and family friendly for our small family farm and many guests.  We bought our first LGD puppy, Waverly, in 2012. She is a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd/Akbash cross. She greets everyone with pure, gentle affection. She is LOVE. She has big soulful brown eyes; she is unimaginably soft and warm and wise; and she sits regal and calm for her many snuggles and adoration. She was raised out with the livestock 24/7, but she loves her people too. She stays close by (almost attached to our legs it seems) when we are out doing chores, always attentive. She especially loves children, even the ones that hang all over her. Knowing her sweet gentle nature, it is always a shock to see her go into guardian/protection mode. She is a formidable, fierce guardian when necessary.  She lives with our livestock, and goes out regularly on patrols to check the perimeter and to mark her territory.  Needless to say, we have not had any losses to predators since we got her. When she was 3 we knew that if we couldn't have Waverly forever, then we wanted to breed her so we could hopefully carry on our "perfect dog."   When looking for a LGD stud dog to breed to Waverly, I learned about Colorado Mountain Dogs. 

The wonderful qualities of the founding sire, Caspian, and the very idea of Colorado Mountain Dogs (CMDs) sounded so much like our Waverly. CMDs are a newer breed of Livestock Guardian Dogs that are bred specifically for smaller farms and ranches.  They are bred to be people-loving and family friendly.  They greet guests with affection, but are still highly effective guardians against predator threats.  Colorado Mountain Dogs are a cross of LGD breeds that are line-bred back to their founding sire, Caspian.  They are bred for temperament, guarding ability, health, and longevity.  They are beautiful dogs that are primary white (but other colors are also accepted) and resemble the Great Pyrenees, but they are taller, leaner and more athletic.  They usually have a medium length coat that is thick enough to keep them warm in our Colorado winters, but still soft and easily manageable.  CMDs are best suited for farm and ranch homes and are happiest when they have a job to do. But, they can also adapt to be wonderful family pets given the right situation (big yard with good fences, lots of family time, plenty of exercise.)  They will guard their owners and family with their gentle presence, and many avid hikers/backpackers/campers choose CMDs to be their partners to protect them and accompany them on their outdoor adventures.


For the official breed club for registering Colorado Mountain Dogs (and for more information about this developing breed) go to the Colorado Mountain Dog Registry.  Colorado Mountain Dogs are also recognized and can be registered with the American Rare Breed Association.  


About Our Dogs:
Waverly had her litter of 7 Caspian pups in November of 2015. We have 2 females from that litter, Clementine and Oakley. They are each just as special and wonderful as their parents, and now work alongside their mother to guard our livestock at Flower Lion Farm.  When Clementine was 2, we bred her to another beautiful registered CMD stud, Wexter of Blessed Bit of Earth Farm.  She had a litter of 9 gorgeous pups in the spring of 2018.  We kept one amazing female puppy from that litter, and we named her Bluebonnet.  Our four working CMDs are well-loved and well-respected members of our family.  Waverly is now spayed, but I am so excited about our future litters from Clementine, Oakley, and Blue, and their potential contributions to the Colorado Mountain Dog breed. 


Flower Lion Farm Waverly

  • Matriarch, Barn-Manager, Head of Security.

  • Registration:  CMDR, ARBA, CMDA

  • Foundation Dog

  • Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd, Akbash

  • Health testing:  OFA “Excellent” hips

Flower Lion Farm Darling Clementine

  • Registration: CMDR, ARBA, CMDA

  • G1

  • Sire: Crack O’ Noon King Caspian’s Journey

  • Dam: Flower Lion Farm Waverly

  • Health testing to date: OFA certified hips and elbows


-Clementine is our “Second in Command.”  She is the ideal Colorado Mountain Dog.  She is wise and brave and observant.  She is quiet and patient and kind.  She is a very discerning barker- only barking when there is an immediate threat.  She is strikingly beautiful- tall and muscular and pearly white- she looks so much like her handsome father, but with beautiful faded badger markings. She is gentle and respectful of all livestock and takes her job as guardian seriously.  She is loving and affectionate with all children and people.  She loves her job and prefers to stay with her livestock.

Flower Lion Farm Annie Oakley

  • Registration: CMDR, ARBA

  • G1

  • Sire: Crack O’ Noon King Caspian’s Journey

  • Dam: Flower Lion Farm Waverly

  • Health testing to date:  *OFA hips pending


-Oakley is our smallest female and has a shorter coat length that is silky soft with a hint of gold.  But don’t let her dainty, beauty-queen appearance fool you- she also has the biggest, deepest, toughest bark around!  She is a tireless guard to our goats- always alert and aware of any potential threat.  She is particularly aware of birds of prey, and effectively keeps hawks and owls away from our poultry and small goats.  Oakley is our go-to babysitter for any small or baby animal- she is a gentle nurturer with a mother’s heart.  Because Clementine takes the night shift in the goat pen, Oakley sleeps in the house at night and enjoys the comforts of being a “house pet.” She loves her snuggles and soft bed, and also loves to join her family on hiking trips and visits to the park or even restaurant patios!

Flower Lion Farm Bluebonnet

  • Registration: CMDR, ARBA

  • G2

  • Sire: Blessed Bit of Earth Farm Wexter

  • Dam: Flower Lion Farm Darling Clementine

-Bluebonnet is the 3rd generation of CMDs on our farm. We have been SO impressed with this incredibly smart, mellow, and beautiful pup.  At 10 months old, she is already as big as her mother, Clementine.  She has a beautiful, thick white coat and kind brown eyes.  She is already working and guarding our goats, and she is reliable and gentle.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for her! 

Check back for future litters!  We are planning a litter from Oakley in the spring of 2019, email me at flowerlionfarm@gmail.com to get on our puppy wait list!