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Thank you for visiting our site!
We are a small family farm in northern Colorado, owned by Kimberlee Berlin and my husband and kids. We offer farm day camps for kids, private horseback riding lessons, birthday parties, raw goats milk shares, organic chicken and duck eggs, and the occasional goat yoga or other special farm school classes.

We also raise and sell show-quality registered ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, and every now and then, a litter of Livestock Guardian Dogs.

People often ask us how we got our name. It's a cute story: Our daughter was a year old when we moved to the farm in 2010. As a toddler her word for a dandelion flower was "flowerlion." While brainstorming names for the farm, our little one suggested we call it Dandelion Farm... but it came out "Flowerlion Farm" and it stuck. Around here, we love dandelions because they are a symbol of good wishes and of finding something lovely where others only see weeds. 

We welcome you to look around our site!

~Kimberlee Berlin

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