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Eggs & Milk from The Farm

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our flock is healthy, happy, and loved!

-free range

-fed high quality feed

-access to pasture


  • Duck eggs: $7 per dozen

  • Chicken Eggs: $5 per dozen

Send me an email at if you are interested in buying some eggs!  Pick-up on the farm or weekly delivery possible.

Click here to learn more about our chickens and ducks!

Raw Goat Milk Shares

Our kidding season usually starts in March, so we should have limited raw goat milk shares available starting in April. Our milk is sweet and creamy, with no "goaty" flavor at all. We love just drinking our goat milk plain, or using it in our cereal, coffee creamer, cooking, and baking. It also makes excellent yogurt, kefir, ice cream and cheese! Our goats are happy, healthy, and well-loved members of our family.  They enjoy their pasture and high-quality feed, and are guarded by our Livestock Guardian Dogs!  We hand milk our goats twice daily and the milk is immediately filtered, chilled, and stored in sterilized glass jars. Full and partial shares are available.


Here is the rundown of how our shares work:


There is a one-time herd-share buy-in of $40, and a $10 glass jar fee. Shareholders will then pay monthly boarding fees for their share of the goats (fee helps to cover feed, care, milking, etc. of the goats that you partially own).


  • Full share is $60/month and entitles you to 1 gallon of milk per week.

  • 3/4 shares are $50/month:  3/4 gallon per week.

  • Half shares are $35/month:  half gallon per week.

  • Quarter shares are $20 dollars/month:  one quart per week.


This works out to about $4/quart but you aren't actually "paying for milk," as you are paying for the care of your share of the goats. (Keep in mind, a quart of goat milk at the grocery store usually costs about $7.) 

Payment should be made on the first of each month.
There is usually a yearly "dry period" of about 3-4 months when the goats are pregnant and not in milk during the winter months (usually Nov/Dec- Feb/March). There will be no milk available at this time (though sometimes there will be a limited supply of frozen milk) but reduced monthly boarding fees will still need to be paid by shareholders (as the goats they "own" will still need to be fed and cared for during these months). Since the goats will not need to be milked the work load will be less so the boarding fees will be cut in half during the dry months. (Full share would be $30, 3/4: $25, Half: $17, Quarter: $10).


There are forms to sign when you sign up for a share, and you can stop your share at anytime if you change your mind (there's no time commitment).  However, we have limited shares available so should you choose to discontinue then your share may be offered to someone on our waiting list.

Send me an email at if you are interested in our milk share program!  Pick-up on the farm or weekly delivery possible.

Click here to learn more about our goats!

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