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At Flower Lion Farm we raise a variety of breeds of laying hens- all beautiful colors and sizes!  We pride ourselves in producing the most beautiful and colorful eggs you could find- they are really almost too pretty to eat!  But- luckily, they taste as good as they look- with those rich dark yolks from healthy hens .  Our flock is free-range every day (made possible by the protection of our livestock guardian dogs), have access to pasture, and fed a high  quality diet.  We raise a few broods of chicks each year also, and often have chicks or laying hens for sale.  Ask about our availability!

Most of our hens have names, and all have their own unique personalities.  Many live to a ripe old age here, even after they stop laying eggs- we figure they've earned a happy retirement.



At Flower Lion Farm we raise purebred Welsh Harlequin Ducks.  In addition to being a rare and beautiful breed, these ducks are also very productive egg layers. Duck eggs are rich and delicious- many argue they are even healthier than chicken eggs (higher in protein and omega-3s).  We believe they are the "baker's secret,"- duck eggs make baked goods fluffier and richer. Our ducks are so lucky that we have a natural creek running through our farm- they get to swim and dive all day to their hearts content.  We often have ducklings or hatching eggs available for sale!


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